Social Media Convention 2023

Anthony Masake

Director Chapter Four Uganda

Anthony Masake is a human rights advocate with over a decade of experience in working with most-at-risk human rights defenders and marginalised communities. Before joining Chapter Four, Masake worked with the Legal Aid Project of the Uganda Law Society (ULS) for over 5 years during which he facilitated over 400 sensitizations in outreach activities in prisons and communities. His service was recognised by a certificate of merit from the President of the Law Society.

While at Chapter Four, he has facilitated over 100 trainings on legal compliance issues for NGOs leaders across the country. He is a regular member of the panel of experts convened to rank Uganda’s Civil Society Organization Sustainability Index (CSOSI).

Masake is a regular columnist in Uganda’s local dailies and a blogger on topical political and current affairs. He is a member of the Africa Blogging platform convened by KAS Media Africa. He has vast experience on effective use of social media tools to drive human rights and access to justice campaigns. Masake currently also serves on the Board of Directors of Kweeta Uganda as the Board Secretary.